About Us

Arden is a business founded by the hope and enthusiasm to build a quality digital industry in Indonesia. We started a big step in 2012 by bringing and distributing various promotional devices, especially for electronic gadgets.

USB Flashdisk, Powerbank, Bluetooth Speaker, Travel Adapter, and Wireless Mouse are some of our product categories, there are more than 100 stock keeping units (SKU) in our company. We believe that the quality that we carry must also be maintained, so we provide a 1-year guarantee for all products.

Printing Facilities

  • Mimaki Digital Printing Machine
  • Metal Laser Engraving Machine
  • Non-Metal Laser Engraving Machine*

Quality Control

  • USB Testing Machine
  • Powerbank Testing Machine
  • Powerbank Aging Test Machine*


  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Marine Cargo Transport Certification

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Our 4 Steps Powerbank Testing

Langkah pengujian power bank Arden sebelum didistribusikan ke konsumen.

6 Powerbank Protections

Powerbank Arden telah dilengkapi dengan 5 jenis proteksi untuk melindungi penggunanya dari resiko-resiko kecelakaan akibat baterai power bank